AEGEE (European Student's Forum), together with GEF (Generation Europe Foundation) and ESN (Erasmus Student Network) is glad to announce the date of the EVA (Erasmus Voting Assessment)  Final Conference of the project. The Final Conference will take place 24th of September at the European Parliament, hosted by Eider Gardiazal and the Youth Intergroup from 4-6pm.

The EVA Project carried out a Europe-wide survey among young people. In particular, we reached (former) Erasmus and non-Erasmus students, reaching over 5000 participants from the 1st and over 3000 participants from the 2nd survey. The surveys were to assess how the ERASMUS programme influences feelings of European citizenship / identity among European university students, with a special focus on the possible correlation between participation in the ERASMUS programme and voting in / during the European Parliament elections.

By organizing a conference (at the European Parliament), we have the opportunity to publicly present the main results of the both surveys, launch a debate with decision makers, experts and participants, gather input / ideas from external stakeholders and other partners and to emphasise the importance of youth democratic participation. We will invite Members of the European Parliament dealing with EU mobility programmes, as well as representatives of the Erasmus Unit of the European Commission, the members of our Advisory Board: European Movement International and European Sociologist Association, and other civil society organisations based in Brussels, working on the field of education and youth participation.

Does the Erasmus Programme have an impact on the participation in the European Parliament Elections? 

Would you like to attend the conference and see what are the final results? Register here until 19th of September 2014.

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