This year the month of May is perhaps more important than ever before for more than 500 million EU citizens. As the elections for the European Parliament are getting closer and closer, political debates are taking place and speculations are being made. Do you already know who you will be voting for, or are you still trying to find THE suitable candidate who matches your views? In any case, we have done a bit of research on websites about the European Parliament elections.


Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe / European Students’ Forum (AEGEE) together with Generation Europe Foundation (GEF) and Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is currently carrying out a Europe wide survey among (former) Erasmus and non-Erasmus students to measure how the ERASMUS programme influences feelings of European citizenship/identity among European university students, with a special focus on the possible correlation between participation in the ERASMUS programme and voting in the European Parliament elections. You can participate too and let us know if you’re going to vote or not and win a trip to Brussels.


The Official website of the European Parliament elections offers you a range of information in all official European languages, explained in an interactive way: Up-to-date news, predictions and studies, an overview of political parties in the parliament and Member States, as well as infographics about EU member States will keep you busy for a while.This is a good place to start your research. is a website where young and first-time voters can explore the work of MEPs by voting on 15 different legislative proposals.

Electio2014 is a platform in 24 languages designed to help you decide which candidate or party to vote for in the 2014 European Parliament elections. It also provides you with the latest polling data from across Member States.

Are you curious about the final decisions about all the proposals and negotiations made by the European Parliament (EP) and the EU Council of Ministers (Council)? See the results, who voted in favour, against or didn’t not have any particular opinion about it? Visit and  find the politician who matches your views with the help of the election tool.

Another interactive website to discover your party based on your opinion on certain topics is

Generation Europe Foundation and League of Young Voters developed an animated web-experience, explaining the essentials of the European Parliament elections in a light-hearted and fun way: Make your choice

Users-based platform FactcheckEU was born out of the belief that as the EU becomes ever more integrated, it becomes increasingly important to develop watchdogs capable of monitoring the political debate. Especially in these last weeks before the elections, political debates are taking place almost on a daily basis and many statements and promises are made by the candidates. Visit this website to make sure political leaders get their facts straight.

Now it’s up to you to do your research and decide on your party/candidate. See you at the elections!

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