Among everyone who filled out the first and second EVA survey, we choose the winners of the competition. They all will be joining us at the EVA Final conference at the European Parliament on 24th of September 2014 and spend few days in the capital of Europe. We’ve asked them to tell us how their Erasmus exchange or any other experience abroad influenced their feeling of being European. Let’s see what David from Germany has to say.

How did your Erasmus exchange / experience abroad influence your feeling of being European? 

“Living abroad makes you understand what the European idea is about. During my stay in Denmark I could live and work on an everyday base with international and Danish students. Sharing the similar values in the cultural denominator encouraged rapidly conversations between everyone. Thus Erasmus supported me to develop a network of strong friendships among Europe. Having now friends from Portugal to Greece makes me therefore feel more European because I know there are a lot of places at which I am welcome.”


David Stojanac from University of Bamberg, Germany who did Erasmus in Aarhus, Denmark. 

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