Among everyone who filled out the first and second EVA survey, we choose the winners of the competition. They all will be joining us at the EVA Final conference at the European Parliament on 24th of September 2014 and spend few days in the capital of Europe. We’ve asked them to tell us how their Erasmus exchange or any other experience abroad influenced their feeling of being European. Let’s see what Kostas from Greece has to say.

How did your Erasmus exchange / experience abroad influence your feeling of being European? 

“I come from a country with rich history and even richer present with Europe. And even though I thought I knew its meaning, I have to put my pride aside and admit I was wrong.

Through Erasmus, I was able to socialise and get to know people from this multicultural place that we call Europe. I was able to realise how amazingly different and surprisingly the same we can be with young people who live miles away.

But most of all, I was able to really understand what being European can mean: It is not about letting your own culture fade and espouse something else. It is about getting to know how the world works, how we can learn from the others and, finally how we can make ourselves and hopefully the world around us a better place to live. It is about not feeling and not being alone.” 

Konstantinos (Kostas for short) Zacharis from Athens, Greece who did Erasmus in Poznan, Poland. 

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