Among everyone who filled out the first and second EVA survey, we choose the winners of the competition. They all will be joining us at the EVA Final conference at the European Parliament on 24th of September 2014 and spend few days in the capital of Europe. We’ve asked them to tell us how their Erasmus exchange or any other experience abroad influenced their feeling of being European. Let’s see what Nikesh from Ireland has to say.

How did your Erasmus exchange / experience abroad influence your feeling of being European? 

My Erasmus in Norway has been the longest stay abroad in my life. I spent one semester there and met many another students from different European countries. From the beginning I was a bit scared how it is going to be. My first feeling was that people will be very different with other way of life. They were from different countries with different languages and cultures and even background. Now actually I can just say I was not right. We enjoyed our time together and we were one big family. The international family. We did not make differences between us and our cultures and habits. Over that I had a chance to get to know cultures, habits and way of life by the others. And I could show the same for the others what made us to feel more European. After my exchange I realized that my Erasmus opened the door to Europe for me. Nowadays I have lot of good friends abroad and wherever I want to go, I am welcomed by them to visit them and their countries. In the end of my Erasmus I was so interested in that and I tried to find a way how to continue this amazing and rich experience. I applied for a job as a volunteer in Erasmus Student Network (ESN). Due to this amazing organization I won a trip to Brussels for a final conference of EVA, I participated in BEST 4 training in Bulgaria. There I met more friends from abroad and I gathered rich experience again. In conclusion, I have to say that my Erasmus influenced my feeling of being European in a positive way and I completely agree that Erasmus should be compulsory for everybody. I would recommend Erasmus exchange to everyone because it is a good opportunity to raise your European awareness.

Tatiana Sokolová, Slovakia who did her Erasmus in Norway

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